Audience Activation 

Audit & Analysis

Expert Consulting on Your Words 

Get clear on how to improve your copy and messaging so you can attract clients that understand  the impact and value of working with you!

With clarity on your copy, you can finally…

Articulate Your Message  

Confidently share who you are, what you do, how you help in your content and sales calls

Activate Your Audience

Build a following that recognize you as the expert, solution, and key to transformation

Attract Your Dream Clients

Clients that understand your value, see your true impact, and invest in working with you

Automate Your Process

Create a repeatable client journey by knowing what to say and when to say it

“We were able to narrow down what some of my main messaging should be, how to communicate that concisely and in a way that the audience would understand. Thank you—I'm excited to launch my offer!”

- Megan Lerma

Audit & Analysis

for coaches, consultants, and service providers

The expert consulting provided in this customized audit will save you months of time and thousands of dollars in figuring it out alone.

Get the answers to take clear action and start seeing results now!


Upgrade: 30 Days of Voxer ($250)


What's our process?


Messaging Questionnaire


30-minute Kickoff with Blessing


Audit results video and report


60-minute Analysis with Blessing


Curated 30-day Strategy Plan


Opportunity for implementation support

Clear messaging does all of this

—for you!


Speaks to multiple offers or clients—without confusing your audience!


Shares the value of your offers—without sounding salesy or sleezy!


Expresses your expertise and positions you as the best solution!


Attracts dream clients who want to take action and work with you!




As a Messaging Matchmaker, I use words to help women-led businesses connect with their dream clients. 

With seven years of agency and in house marketing experience, I have served as a Consultant and Copywriter to seven and eight figure enterprises in building effective branding and marketing strategies.

As CEO of Blissworks Brands, my goal is to bring these high-level strategies to the world of online women entrepreneurship.

I create the the Metamorphic Messaging Method™ to empower my clients to discover, develop, and deliver authentic messaging that activates and attracts new clients.

What Clear Messaging Feels like…

"Blessing really took the time to ask targeted questions and provide suggestions based on my answers. I appreciated that I felt heard throughout the entire call, it's rare that you actually feel LISTENED to. She gave me great suggestions that I've already started to implement! 10/10 recommend!!”

— Taryn Taylor

"​Blessing was very friendly and approachable when I reached out to her to improve my copy. She helped me see what was missing and how to fix it. I definitely recommend her!”

— Pao Palafox

“I loved my session with Blessing! She helped me to gain more clarity with where I was at in my business and what next steps I could take in order to get unstuck and start getting traction. She was very knowledgeable and provided resources that were very helpful to go away with and execute. I left feeling excited and resourced moving forward.”

— Laurence Annez

“Blessing came in and gave me solutions I didn't even know were available. She made what I felt was complicated, very simple and now I know what I can do to create copy that connects with my clients. She gave me strategies that are actually doable and that made me feel confident and excited to use the methods she suggested.”

— Cici Raven

Your impact is only as powerful as the words that express what you do.


Your value is only as clear as the message that shares who you are.


What questions/content can I bring?

Our audit and analysis will focus on the messaging, copy, and strategy around ONE area of marketing:

  • Email Sequences
  • Lead Magnet
  • Social Content
  • Website
  • Sales Pages

What if I have multiple things I would like you to look over?

Our audit helps you gain clarity on the messaging, copy, and strategy of ONE area of your marketing. 

To get my eyes a few different areas in your marketing, ask about my VIP Day or 1:1 Consulting Services.


What if I also need help writing?

Our audit is an consulting opportunity to help you get clear on where your messaging and copy can improve. 

If you need help writing your content, ask about my VIP Day or DFY Copywriting Services.


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